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Erik Shoji Passing/Defense Feedback 


00:25- Good balance on serve contact and way to have your platform out early to create a strong angle to target. Holding your platform angle to target even after pass contact is a good way to learn from your angle and evaluate your technique.


00:35- This is a strong hit by #9. However, it is important to try and move your body in front of the ball to dig the ball. 

1:00- Great extension to your left on this pass. You have great balance to start and use your right leg to push off to your left. Great job! Also, your platform angle is out early and in front of you creating a good angle to target! Nice pass.


1:08- I like your starting position, but on this float serve your platform angle is late and you don’t use a decisive step to get to the shorter serve. With an earlier platform and better footwork, I think it would have been a better pass.

2:24- I like that you created a good, strong angle to target here. However, your footwork here isn’t as efficient as it could be. You end up taking close to four small steps, when all you needed was one step to the right. Efficient feet will help you keep a strong base for passing.


3:45- I like that you went with two arms to dig this ball. You created a good angle and worked to get your body moving towards the hit. If you can, work to keep the ball off the net and on your side of the court.

4:18- Here, you do a better job of moving towards the ball on defense. Keep working to stay on your feet and getting the ball higher.


4:56- Nice extension on this pass! Even though it wasn’t perfect, the serve was strong and you got your platform on it. Nice work!


Erik, when it comes to passing I believe it is all about the angles. A strong platform with a solid angle is often the key to a good pass. In this match, you created some great angles to target which resulted in some good passes. This looked good in this video. I would continue to work on keeping your feet wide enough to create a strong base. You got in trouble when your feet were too close together resulting in a weak base. Often times, a strong base helps to create a strong passing angle. Keep that in mind!


On defense, continue to work on being balanced with your arms out. This will allow you to move in all directions and be ready for hard driven balls. Also, if the ball comes outside your body, work to use your legs to push off and move your body in front of the ball. With your arms out, you will create more surface area for the ball to hit, which will hopefully result in a dig.



  1. For passing, have a coach serve at you from all directions. Have your coach move you around the court so you are forced to move your feet, keep a strong base, and work on different angles to target.

  2. For defense, have a coach simply hit at you outside your body. Focus on pushing off with your legs in the direction of the hit. Also, work on keeping your arms out in front of you to dig the ball.

Sample Video Feedback

Here is a small sample of what you might see in your Silver Package feedback. These are some clips from a 2016 match of Team USA against France.


*Note: Your Bronze Package will not include time-stamps or recommended drills.