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Where to Start


Step 1

Record and upload a volleyball practice or match film to Youtube, Vimeo, or Hudl. (If you are using Hudl, please contact me using your Hudl account email). If your team uses Volleymetrics, provide a link for download. 

Hint: End zone views are preferred for analysis.

Step 2

Next, contact me via the Contact Form on this page. If you are using Hudl, I will need to add you to my Team as a "coach" before you upload. When the message is received, I will contact you with any further questions and a PayPal Invoice. Feedback will be provided via email within two weeks of payment. 

Step 3

Rewatch your film while reading through my analysis and recommendations. If you have any questions, feel free to email me back! Then, apply what you have learned to your upcoming practices or matches. Keep improving your game! 

Start Working With Erik

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Have a question regarding Erik Shoji Volleyball Consulting? Send me your question using the contact form below and I will email you to clear things up.