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The Service

The More Feedback The Better

Why Should You Use My Service?

Players: Ever feel stuck or like you're not improving on a certain skill?


Coaches: Ever want a fresh set of eyes to watch one of your players or your full team?


I am here to help!


 Erik Shoji Volleyball Consulting will give you personal technical feedback and recommendations through video analysis. I will watch your video, take notes, and provide you with analysis of the requested individual or team skill, technical feedback, recommendations, and suggested drills that will improve your or your team's game.


Players of all ages, positions, and skill levels will become closer to reaching their ultimate volleyball goals!


If you're a coach, my fresh set of eyes can provide a different perspective! Let me analyze your team's skills or systems, and get my feedback on how I think they can be improved! Together, we can help your players improve and help your team win!


Getting started is easy! Upload your practice or match film to Youtube, Vimeo, or Hudl (I will need your Hudl account email to add you as a "coach" to my team).


Then, fill out my contact form and be sure to include your video link(s) and which individual or team skills you want analyzed. (If your college, high school, or club uses Volleymetrics, provide a link for download.)


For individuals, I analyze passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and defense, and I will watch two skills per video uploaded. For full teams, I analyze the previously mentioned skills along with offensive and defensive systems. I will watch two skills or systems per video uploaded. Each additional skill or system requested will be $20.  Want to know what to expect and view sample video feedback? Click the boxes below!