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What Should you Expect?

Expect A LOT of feedback.

I believe the first step in improving your overall individual game or improving your team's game is improving each technical skill.

Expect both positive and constructive notes, and expect language Team USA and I use on a daily basis. Also, you will receive recommendations on how I feel you can improve your skills. If my feedback is unclear, don't worry, you can always email me with questions.

I offer three separate packages, the Bronze Package, the Silver Package, and the Gold Package. The Gold Package is for coaches who want feedback on their full team. Each package has differing amounts of feedback and recommendations. View my Sample Silver Package Feedback page to get a better understanding of what I will offer for individuals.


Also, check out the Pricing page to see what these packages include.

Questions or just want to connect? Click the Contact button below and send me a message!

What To Expect